Friday, January 29, 2010

Eve Blog Banter : Why I love Eve

Why do i love Eve?  Why indeed.  Never has an MMO kept me playing for so long.  For ages, i have seen the EVE ONLINE advertisements adorning other websites.  I looked at them with yearning and want.  One day, I overcame my doubts and clicked on the link and was taken to MMO heaven.  An MMO like no other.  Why do i love Eve?  Why indeed.

When i first signed up for the trial account, i didn't know what to expect.  I thought, maybe i would't enjoy it and all my dreams have been a sham.  But as soon as the first cinematic was over, i was hooked, hook, line and sinker.  I had a feeling this was it.  This was the MMO to captivate me forever!

So, i arrived to the character creation.  I was giddy with excitement and anticipation.  I was presented with four races, and i was reading like a madman.  Previously, i had done some research about these races and i had to go with.... The Minmatar!  Duck tape ships for the win!  Then came the avatar creation and i have to say, i was enjoying myself.  I started messing about with my avatar's face, trying to make him as intimidating as possible.  I adjusted the lighting and the eyes and presto!  By now, i was already mentally prepared for the game.

I am going to be honest with you guys, when i first saw the interface i was like.... HUH?  I was so lost, i was this close to crying lol.  But, a little pop up...err.. popped up and began teaching me how the game worked.  By the time i had finished, i was as ready as any noob can be.  At first, sight, i loved EVE.  Now i know why. The ships are finely detailed and texture.  The Space around me had gorgeous colors and loads of stars that twinkle so much, the twinkle twinkle song flash in my head a couple of times.  Now here comes the play time.

For the first couple of days, i just trained skills and warped around for fun.  I love the skill system.  It is a good way to train up your character.  I also love the fact you do not have to be online to train up your character.  This way of training also enforces patience.  No rushing in this game :)

After 5 days of training and warping about, i ended up somewhere in Amarr space, near Moutid.  I started chatting on the Help Channel just to get to know some people.  I have to say, i have never seen so many mature players.  Everyone was speaking, and laughing and helping each other.  It was actually enjoyable just to sit there and talk to people!  In fact, it is in that Help channel that my Eve life has changed... forever!

While chatting on this channel, i came across a guy named Vankor Jurich.  He was a nice fellow who helped with me a couple of things.  While working out some things, i read that he needed some isk to send an EVE mail to an important member of his corp.  So i gladly sent him 1000 isk to send that message.  I was just being nice :).  But, he had other plans in mind.  He sent ME an EVE mail that said he was sending me a retriever and some training books.  He also sent me an invitation to join his corporation.  I was so excited!  He was grateful for that minuscule amount of isk i sent him.  Truly the EVE community are a bunch of awesome players who play this game to have fun.  So i accepted this offer and my life in the corp began... HOO AH. lol.

The Corporation is awesome.  The way the Corp system was made is just awesome.  It is all very professional.  The Corp i was in was small, but that was better.  We all knew each other and we all had a good laugh chatting.  It was like being in a small family.  This alone made me want to play this game more.  I loved this game so much, and it was only the eight day.

I was a miner by profession and this corp capitalized on that.  Back in my first days with the corp, i had a probe to do mining work.  This did not cut it of course :P.  As much as i enjoyed mining in a probe, it was NOT helping the corp with all their shiny retrievers and hulks.  So i began my skill training, this would take  a while, but meh, i don't care.  I was enjoying myself.  I got to know all the members of the corp. Sam, Tal, 7even, Mal, Caine and all the rest.  The way EVE brought everyone together, on one server was just pure genius!  I feel like me and my corpies can go out there and change the universe with our incessant belt stripping :P  Ah, the fun times.

Eventually i got my retriever, and that increased the fun rating by loads.  I was also promoted to mining director,which made me feel like a somebody haha.

I believe i am now ranting about my Eve life now :P  Let me just explain why i love EVE.

It is well made.  Details, design and story are all well made.  I love exploring the universe and meeting people for all four point of the....Solar System?  I love fitting my ship with all the lovely options and equipment.  I love the fact you can train to use other faction's ships.  This makes the game more interesting and gives more options for any capsuleer.  I love the mining.  I also love the Surverying.  This is like a game within a game.  You try and uncover secret locations and mining spots by using probes.  It is so much fun and keeps the game fresh.

I love this game very much and i will continue playing this for years to come.  World of Warcraft and all the rest never even got close to hooking me like this game did.  I salute CCP and in congratulate them on making a fine MMO.  I also wish them the best in future projects :)

Good luck to all fellow Capsuleers and my the dark voids of EVE provide u with tons and TONS of entertainment.


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Oh well.. umm.....Did i also mention i love the Jukebox now?  You can add your own music which really adds a new dimension to Eve.  I mean, mining with Dj Tiesto in your head?  Does NOT get any better :D

Supreme Soviet
Mining Director of the A.S.H and Fellow Capsuleer

PSsst, the reason i posted this ? So i can win a contest on this blog :P Muahhaha, i am evil lol!  I joke ^^