Monday, December 21, 2009

A new change in my life...

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

There might be some changes in my life soon and they are good for me.  I think :P

I love life, and i enjoy every minute of it, be it bad or good.  I mean, we arent gonna live forever right.... except you Chuck Norris :P  My bad :P XD

I might change locations of Education.  NO! I am NOT abandoning education guys!  Don't worry. :)

I just feel i can learn better in an other facility, no biggie.

2 more days till i go to Kuwait.  I can't wait to see my friends :D:D:D:D:D

Well, except for one :(  Mi Chaan :(  Im gonna miss ya loads, i hope you have a great time in Canada and visit sometime :)

Thats all i got right now :)  So


**End Transmission**

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stress sucks.. really it does... No.. Seriosly!!! :P

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I already failed philosophy and was forced to drop it.  And now math wants to follow suite.  I am trying my best here, i really.  I mean, what else can i do besides try my best?!

Hopefully i won't blow the math test, but with my grades, i fear the worst.

Man, University is stressful :P

hahah, anyways im off to class... biology...urk.

**End Transmission**

Monday, December 7, 2009

Waiting for the Registrar to open... :P

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Right now i am sitting on the floor in a hallway waiting for the office to open.  loool.

I bought two bags of cat food today.  I fed all the cats in our university... I cant help it, i love cats, and they looked hungry :)

I think they love me now :D

**End Transmission**

EVE Online new Expansion!! W00T!

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Hellz Yah!

**End Transmission**

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love is an illusion

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

When i say that, i mean, there is no such thing as "True" love.  Humans have a limit to the amount of compassion they can give.

Of course, i am not denying the existence of love. It exists, most definitely, but it erodes over time.  Just like a rock.  A rock is strong, unmoving, and essentially everlasting.  However, the forces of nature eat at the rock and warps its shape.

That rock is love.  You may love someone, but, after a while, you will not love that person AS MUCH.

This varies among people.  Some will not feel this decline in love until maybe, 30 years of love.  Even then, it is a minuscule amount.  This is what people call "true love".

The concept of love baffles me.  Humans believe in love, but they also believe in hatred.  What an irony that is.  Two opposing forces, that do not get along, but put together in the same jar.  How interesting.

The love of parents is also very different then the love of friends.  You love your parents and they love you.  No matter how much you say you hate them, it is not true.  But the love of others will vary.  It all depends on the mood and situation.

So "Love" Is a questionable term and i believe the concept of "TRUE' love is over rated at best.

Love itself is an illusion.

Tell me, Who has ever had TRUE love?  Love so great that all is forgotten.  If this was true, how on earth have humans accomplished anything.

So, i truly believe humans have the capacity for love, but have never TRULY loved.  Humans are just not capable of doing that.

PS:  You can disagree with me :D Duhh!  Post your thoughts =)

**End Transmission**

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PHILOSOPHY SUCKS! among other things :P

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Im sorry but it does!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am expected to learn things that deny everything ELSE i learned?! :P Wow... This world really is messed up XD

On the other hand, it is funny to listen to :P

Oh and math sucks too :P  Yes it does....hmmm what else...oh yah!

MUSIC class :P

The two classes that DO NOT duck are probably English and BIO, and Bio is quickly reaching SUCK level lol.

BUUUT, Whining aint gonna help no one, so i might as well suck it up and bite the BULLETS....

Rant...ends...NOW :P

**End Transmission**

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tommorow i go to kuwait... For Residency Renewal :P

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

HMmm, yes, yes interesting :P


This has got to be a first for me :P  Travelling to another country for a day .. WOW.. EPIX  :P

**End Transmission**

A dream that was just... Awesome! :D

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I had an Epic dream last week while taking a 2 hour nap.  My first dream in 3 months!!  It was about the end of the world :D

Here is how it went.

I was back in Kuwait in my old apartment in Shaab.  I was sitting in the Living Room with.. Strangely, everyone i knew lol.  How they fit, i have no idea, but everyone from my Parents and aunts to my friends and acquaintances were there :P

SO anyways, my mum suddenly looks out the window and gasps.  She tells us to look outside.  I look and i see an awesome sight!

It was truly beautiful, even if it was a dream.

The sun was enlarged so much that is filled 1/4 of the horizon!  It was about, 5 meters above the horizon.  It was huge and orange and flares were erupting from its surface.  And i noticed the sun was getting closer, and closer with flares getting longer and longer.

It was a dream true, but i still see that view.  It was just... awesome.. beautiful.

My friends started to tell me how the world was going to end in 30 minutes.  Everyone was calm and we all started talking about random things.

I looked back outside and i saw the Sun collide with the Ocean.  Slowly the Sun plowed into the earth, the ocean evaporating and the flares destroying everything.  Oddly enough, the Sun was not to proportion.

Of course everything was vaporized.  I woke up with an awesome feeling.

It was wonderful, I'm tempted to draw the scene i saw.

On another note, We celebrated Simon's Birthday this week.  It was so much fun!  We went to a night club called BANK in Batroun.  We all danced for like 4 hours straight XD

Happy birthday to you Simon :)  Finally your Effing 18!! :P

And thanks to Tont Viva, Thera, Saku-chaaaan, and the rest of the guys!  It was sooo much fun.

Hmm what else?

Oh yes, i hate philosophy :P I really do.  and math! Don't forget math!  Where is Mr McKnight when i need em!  I miss getting 84 percents and stuff :D

Going to Kuwait on Saturday for one day :P  So i can renew my RESIDENCY :P woohoo..lool... yah....

Im excited that i get to see some of my best friends though ^^  Can't wait to see you guys!

I am also excited to see my Mum and Dad.. Yah i miss em :)  And my bro!! Dammit, that tall ass needs a beating loooooooooool. ahahahah. I miss playing games with him :D  We are Bouli Bros! ^^

Its 3:43 AM right now... It has been the 13th day without sleep :)  I try of course. I lay down, and close my eyes for hours lol. but i am not asleep :P I get up, drink some chocolate milk.. maybe read a book. than i lie down again and think of the world.

hmmm... Can't wait to join the army.  I love my country so much.  With all my heart.  Hope we can get over our political crisis, Lebanon has suffered enough.  It hurts when i see our country get punished for something it did not do.  We are blessed Thank God for having such a wonderful country, but the politics aint exactly helping ya know.. Oh well.  Inshallah things get better :)   I have full confidence in my country!

God i miss all my friends.  For me, friends are my life.  :)  I hope everyone is doing okay!

Simon : Yalla :) We are in Lebanon hamdellah :)  Ill see you more often inshallah

Hassan: Dub, i hope everything is working for ya in Canada :)  I miss ya big time!

Saku-Chaan: It was great seeing you again, and hopefully again this week!

Shaima-Chaan: Hope Australia is treating ya well!  Bugger :D lool

Mii-Chaan: I miss talking with ya dammit! Yalla, we will catch up this week!

Norby: I dnt care! Communism FTW! :P  Muhahha.  We shall rebuild the Dam this week ^^

PB: I miss smashing printers together. Mr Lillis never did like that :P

Elewa: Hahaha, I kick your ass at games :P  Hope your doing well man!

Kyu: Korean! I miss ya like hell! I wanna see your face! :D  Hope everything is doing well!

Anwar: How are ya man?  Its your birthday this week ;)  Have a great one!

Amarah: Ya A7BAL! :P Get your Palestinian ass over here NOW :P loooooool :D Kohbz Taheeneh Jibneh Khyaar Heeeyaa! :P

Kareem: DAmmit! I miss playing video games with ya!  And having long talks downstairs at your house :) good times man! Hope your doing okay!

Ian: Your photoshop projects made me want to improve :) And you blowing up shit was just epic! Hope your doing okay man!

And to everyone i missed, im sorry but 13 days without sleep eh :P  Bear with me!  Im trying to beat my own record loooooool.

I love you all!

And now, i will "attemp" to sleep again :P. Peace out EVERYONE

... OH

and on a final note!




WE LIKE TO......................................................


hahaha, take care guys ;)

Bouli signing off ;)


Bye Bye Butterfly!

**End Transmission**

Monday, November 23, 2009

To Transfer or not to Transfer?

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well life is great, and university is hard :P looooooolz.

Anyways, to the point!

I have recently begun thinking of transferring to LAU's second campus in Byblos.  I have heard many good things about it and apparently the philosophy teachers up there are better :P  loool.

It is something to think about, and it is an interesting idea.

What say you?

**End Transmission**

Monday, November 9, 2009

Waking up? Or Sleeping?

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I always wondered.  When we wake up, even after a good nights sleep, why do we feel irritated?  Its makes no sense whatsoever.  I mean lets say we slept more than the alotted 8 to 9 hours.  We still feel horrible.  But i do have a theory.  When you wake up in the morning, your mood depends on your plans for the morning.  For example:

1.  You have school and your exam s in 2 hours.  You wake horribly because you do not feel like going to school and you consider it a waste of time.

2.  You have an outing with friends and you are excited.  You have been waiting for this for like 2 months.  So you wake up fresh and eagerly.  Why?  Because you want to do this.  It is not like school where we are forced to go.

So apparantly, It doesn't matter how many hours we sleep. it is just what yo have planned tommorow that will determine your attitude.

**End Transmission**

Friday, November 6, 2009

Motorcycle is funn! :D

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Yes it is :D

**End Transmission**

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Motorcycle in ma grasp :D

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I have it! Finally, after months of waiting lol!

Now i just have to wait 2 or 3 days for it to be registered and legal :P 

Im soo excited to get it on the road after 3 days :P

This is the bike.

Hopefully, i will get it painted next month to the Lebanese flag color scheme :D

Cant wait.

**End Transmission**

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows 7....AWESOME!

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I love it! I really do!

Especially the 64 bit version!

Everything is soo much faster, with an easy to use interface. its just epic WIN!! :D


Oh and did i mention it runs games 40 % percent faster!! And if you have a Direct X 10 Compatible GPU, all the better :D

**End Transmission**

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Precious..............

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

No more mustache :(  I feel weird without it... like i am an empty shell :'(

loool, okay not that bad, i actually look younger and different.  And the outline of my mustache still remains due to the sun never touching the skin under the stache :P


**End Transmission**

Monday, October 12, 2009

The sun rises...

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

The sun is rising right now, like, right this second.  It is a pwetty sight :)

**End Transmission**

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mig-29 Wallpaper

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

A Tribute to one of the best fighter jets of all time!

Time to make : 18 minutes


**End Transmission**

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Motorcycle Exam coming up..

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

And i CANNOT wait :D

I get my Motorcycle license the same day, and hopefully my Kawasaki too! <3. GLEE :D

Wish me luck guys!

Thanks :)

 **End Transmission**

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just contemplating...

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well, i have decided to get the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.  It looks great, it is fast, can carry two passengers, awesome handling, can do stunts and many more.

Its perfect!

But many in the online community shun the Ninja 250R in favor of the bigger motor on the 500R.

Well i have to say something, and many Motorcyclists would probably agree with me (I hope)

It all depends on the RIDER!  Some prefer the speed, some prefer the handling.  Some prefer looks, some prefer power.  Everyone has there tastes.

I can get the bigger motor, but i don't want to.  Why?  Because i love the 250cc.  I know weird eh?  It is fast enough for me.  I mean, why would i want to go faster then 160 Km/h ?  I ride behind my cousin on his Honda AX-1, and he goes 120, and it feels like a rocket.  It is pure bliss.  The engine is also nice sounding :P

The Kawasaki Ninja 250r may not be as fast as its younger brothers, but it is the perfect bike in my opinion.  Looks like a Sporty beast, has a decent speed, and it handles like a charm.  Perfect for beginners and Professionals alike, i was drawn to this bike.

and it is thin enough to weave through traffic jams on Hamra street :P

haha enough of my rant.

**End Transmission**

I call it, The Destroyer of Worlds

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Time to complete: 20 Minutes

Completely Hand Drawn by me.

**End Transmission**

Friday, October 2, 2009

Seriosly Reconsidering

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I am beginning to regret going to a university.  I think it was by far the stupidest thing i have done.

Why?  Well, i am pretty smart, probably smarter than some (not bragging, there are tons more smarter than me) and the fact that i have to take Grade 10 Classes AGAIN for Freshman year is just pure crap.  It is not worth the hassle.  I am only going to University to please my parents.  That is it.  I have nothing to learn in University that will benefit me in MY chosen path of life. 

You know what i would rather be doing instead of wasting my time learning what i learned in Grade 10?

-Working a job, making some money
-Join the Army and serve my country
-Meet new people and hang out.
-Start a net cafe business.

ALL THESE ARE WITHIN REACH.  Nothing stops me from achieving these things.  People go to University to further ones education for a specific course.  Biology, Medicine and Engineering.  I do not want to be any of these things. 

Plus, i am factoring in how much my mum has to pay for something i took in Grade 10...This is unacceptable to me. 

As a Freshman i am also forced to take classes which i am NOT good at.  Biology is a nightmare for me.  I hate it!  I do not want to learn about cells, and mitochondria and organs! Why should i learn these things NOW!?  How will they benefit me?  My life does not need this useless information.  If i want to learn Bio, the internet will do just fine.

The first payment is due, October 7th.  I am considering dropping from the University before then.

Also, the stress, its too much for me.  I am about to frigging kill myself. Its only day two of University, and after 8 classes of Grade 10 REPEATS, i was gonna just drop. 

THEY PUT ME IN REMEDIAL ENGLISH FOR GOD'S SAKE!  If there is one thing i KNOW i am good at, it is ENGLISH!  I can speak and write and read English!  I do not NEED Remedial English! 

You know what they are teaching me?!  How to use fullstops.  That is what they are teaching me.  No. No. No.

Enough of my rant. My decision will be made eventually.

**End Transmission**

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should i get this?

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**


**End Transmission**

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I wonder...

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Do insects think? or Dream?  Do they look around them and see us towering above them and think "There are those humans again"

I wonder, when he step on an ant, do the other ants mourn?


**End Transmission**

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow, University...?

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Is easier then i expected 0_0.  I go to University everyday, but... only for two classes..

Since im used to 7 hour days (thanks AIS :P) This is pretty foreign to me...  But it also is a pretty nice change.

Looking forward to my first classes on Thursday :)

**End Transmission**

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half Life 2 Parody

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I am reading this awesome parody of Half Life 2.  Its called Concerned.

If you are fan of the Half Life series then you HAVE to check this out.

**End Transmission**

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just keep Swimming.... Just Keep Swimming... Swimming.....

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well, it was awesome while it lasted, but as they say, all good things come to an end some time.

But im not upset, because i know this is the best for both parties involved :) 

We will still be friends though!  That is a must -_- :P


Forget the past,, swim towards ZA FUTURE :D

Monday i meet with my advisors and discuss my class plan for laterz :P Yayzorx

On a rather FUNNY note... something very hilarious happened yesterday.

I came back from the first day of orientation and LAU has provided me with a school bag.. YAY :D

In that bag, were some items like pens and notepad and such.  Also, some sheets of paper with SWINE VIRUS warning :P

Okay, fine, precautions are needed, but they also gave us a small bottle of Hand Gell lol. EPIC :P

So i got home and saw my cousin home early.  So i told him:

"ABDULLAH, Your not gonna believe what LAU gave me"

I pull out the Hand Gel Bottle

My cousin takes one look at the small bottle and screams questioningly


OH MY GOD! I was laughing before i hit the floor!! 

Good times Good times :)

**End Transmission**

Friday, September 25, 2009

LAU Orientation Day 1

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well, LAU is a great place, and i love the facilities :D

But, i got lost sooo manny tiiiimes!! looool. 

The presentations were well spoken, and i met some interesting people.

But the challenge is fitting in.  I feel like a small fish in a shark's den. 

**End Transmission**

Thursday, September 24, 2009

AION online

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

A month or so ago, i pre-ordered the collector's edition of AION online.  I had a good feeling that this game would turn out amazing.

My hunch was right! After playing the Open Beta and now the released edition, i can honestly say it was worth every penny.

The game has stunning graphics, amazing gameplay and an amazing campaign( CUT SCENES!! IT HAS CUT SCENES!!) loool

It got some VERY good reviews and as i picked up a copy of PC GAMER from the library, it even had a small poster advertising AION :D  Sweet!

Bottomline, one of the best MMO i have ever played :D

 Poster Outside

Poster Inside

AION is awesome :D

**End Transmission**

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wait wait wait... just one second...

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

MONEY is POWER??!?!  No wonder our world is going down the friggin drain :P   Ah man, humans need to get their act together.  START THINKING OF EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF YOURSELVES!!  GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! THE WORLD IS IN THE TOILET!!

Do you really wanna flash it?

Anyways, sorry for the outburst, i was just trying to organize my spending for next month grrr...

Nothing else to say today... still thinking of motorcycles :P


**End Transmission**

Storming and im thinking

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well, this the third day of rain, lightning and thunder and it is awesome! :D

Anyways, i am not selling my pc anymore, i just realized what insanity im committing :P

So, anyways (times two) I am going to get my motorcycle license soon.  I can't wait to be zipping around Lebanon freely :D

Im torn between two potential cycles though.


Suzuki DZ-R 250

Or the
Suzuki Djebel 250

Both good cycles.... this will take some thinking :P

**End Transmission**

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Road to Perfection is Blocked...

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**


lots of Symbolism in this... lets see if you guys can spot them ;)

COMPLETELY MY WORK...Hand Drawn.. time to finish : 3 hours

**End Transmission**

To Sell or not to Sell......THAT is the question :S

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I am in a bit of a predicament... I am in desperate need of money....yah who doesnt right?

So, i came up with a rather absurd idea... to sell my desktop pc for money...

It would give me a decent amount of money to start me out with.. but i dont really know :S

I mean, if i sell my desktop, i would probably need to buy a laptop.  But what Laptop can be bought cheaply and be able to play all the games i so love?

Its a tough one, but the desktop is just taking up TOO MUCH space in this tiny room, and is starting to really become impractical.  Sure it can play all my favorite games, but with university around the corner, i won't be playing games as much...

*SIGH*... its a problem...

What do you guys think?

**End Transmission**

Saturday, September 19, 2009


**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Eid Mubarak to all! :D  And what a GREAT start to Eid it was :)

Today i went to my aunt's house to break my fast (fattoush, Soup, Scallope, Kafta, Fries, Loobyeh. YUM YUM :D) 

We kept hearing thunder and we saw lightning, and BEAUTY WAS UNLEASHED :D  RAIN and STORM and EVERYTHING! :D  I LOVED IT!

Then my cousin told me lets go, and we rode the motorcycle in the rain :D  and the mosques were chanting the start of eid and kids everywhere were running around having fun and playing with fireworks :D

We got home, and the power went out (maybe lightning hit a electrical post or something) and we had to wait an hour before it came.  During that time, me and him were discussing what the most VILE and DISGUSTING thing we ever had the misfortune to see... lol i was gonna die laughing :P

Now the power is back and im back online ...


**End Transmission**

Friday, September 18, 2009


**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well i am back in Beirut, Finally :P  It was a load of fun in Betroun, thanks to Simon and his mom's hospitality.  Did a lot of things and i am happy.

but of course, i am a Beirut Brat :P  I felt homesick and i missed my family, so i said goodbye and left for Beirut today morning.  It was one HELL of a ride :P  Two buses, two vans and a taxi... lol :P and all i paid was 4 thousand which is roughly 800 fils or 3 dollars.  Now i am home, tired but happy to be back in Beirut :)

I need to get some talking time with a certain person lol, you KNOW WHO YOU ARE :P  Since i was selfish to only chat for like 10 minutes a day (lack of internet connection in Betroun 0_0 )

But im BAAACK :P

**End Transmission**

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2nd day in Betroun

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well hi allz :D  Second day in Betroun and its fun :).  Ramadan is nearing its close and i am awaiting Eid il fitr :D  Can't wait.

I was really really sleepy yesterday since i had not slept for 1 week.  But a certain someones forced me to sleep so i had to :P  Love ya babe.

Today we went to B2B (Breakfast to Breakfast) and i ate a roast beef sub... which tasted awesome...

Simon ate some form of sandwich that did NOT taste good :P  i think it was the Mayo sauce.. must have been mixed with something foreign :P

I also had Ice tea! Woohoo :P  Peachy Peacheness :P

Now i am in a net cafe....chatting and dawdling :P

Anyways, thats it for today, Ciao.

**End Transmission**

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Hello all,

I am now in Betroun, North Lebanon.  Me and my friend Simon decided to chill in his hometown high up North.  Took us about 45 minutes to get there from East Beirut.  But since i had not slept for like a week, i felt very tired and drained.  So when we finally reached Betroun, i felt like a tin of steel and i can barely hold my head up as i type this.

Simon and I had a bite to eat in a Pizza parlour.  Since i did not feel well enough, i had the green salad and simon had the special burger... Yes, we were in a pizza parlour :P lolz, oh the iroony! :P

Now i am sitting in a net cafe typing this......yaaaah... :P

I need some sleep dammit!

**End Transmission**

Awake at 6 lol

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well i created a blogger.... Why?  So i can annoy the heck out of all of you! looooolz.

I connected my facebook with blogger, so every time i rant my arse off, you will know about it through notes :P

Its like 6 in the morning right now and i won't be sleeping for a while now, darn coffee/sugar/energy drinks... loool

Ya Ya, im too energetic for my own good arent i?

Well, goodbye for now :D

**End Transmission**