Saturday, September 19, 2009


**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Eid Mubarak to all! :D  And what a GREAT start to Eid it was :)

Today i went to my aunt's house to break my fast (fattoush, Soup, Scallope, Kafta, Fries, Loobyeh. YUM YUM :D) 

We kept hearing thunder and we saw lightning, and BEAUTY WAS UNLEASHED :D  RAIN and STORM and EVERYTHING! :D  I LOVED IT!

Then my cousin told me lets go, and we rode the motorcycle in the rain :D  and the mosques were chanting the start of eid and kids everywhere were running around having fun and playing with fireworks :D

We got home, and the power went out (maybe lightning hit a electrical post or something) and we had to wait an hour before it came.  During that time, me and him were discussing what the most VILE and DISGUSTING thing we ever had the misfortune to see... lol i was gonna die laughing :P

Now the power is back and im back online ...


**End Transmission**

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