Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just keep Swimming.... Just Keep Swimming... Swimming.....

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well, it was awesome while it lasted, but as they say, all good things come to an end some time.

But im not upset, because i know this is the best for both parties involved :) 

We will still be friends though!  That is a must -_- :P


Forget the past,, swim towards ZA FUTURE :D

Monday i meet with my advisors and discuss my class plan for laterz :P Yayzorx

On a rather FUNNY note... something very hilarious happened yesterday.

I came back from the first day of orientation and LAU has provided me with a school bag.. YAY :D

In that bag, were some items like pens and notepad and such.  Also, some sheets of paper with SWINE VIRUS warning :P

Okay, fine, precautions are needed, but they also gave us a small bottle of Hand Gell lol. EPIC :P

So i got home and saw my cousin home early.  So i told him:

"ABDULLAH, Your not gonna believe what LAU gave me"

I pull out the Hand Gel Bottle

My cousin takes one look at the small bottle and screams questioningly


OH MY GOD! I was laughing before i hit the floor!! 

Good times Good times :)

**End Transmission**

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