Thursday, September 24, 2009

AION online

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

A month or so ago, i pre-ordered the collector's edition of AION online.  I had a good feeling that this game would turn out amazing.

My hunch was right! After playing the Open Beta and now the released edition, i can honestly say it was worth every penny.

The game has stunning graphics, amazing gameplay and an amazing campaign( CUT SCENES!! IT HAS CUT SCENES!!) loool

It got some VERY good reviews and as i picked up a copy of PC GAMER from the library, it even had a small poster advertising AION :D  Sweet!

Bottomline, one of the best MMO i have ever played :D

 Poster Outside

Poster Inside

AION is awesome :D

**End Transmission**

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