Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just contemplating...

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

Well, i have decided to get the Kawasaki Ninja 250R.  It looks great, it is fast, can carry two passengers, awesome handling, can do stunts and many more.

Its perfect!

But many in the online community shun the Ninja 250R in favor of the bigger motor on the 500R.

Well i have to say something, and many Motorcyclists would probably agree with me (I hope)

It all depends on the RIDER!  Some prefer the speed, some prefer the handling.  Some prefer looks, some prefer power.  Everyone has there tastes.

I can get the bigger motor, but i don't want to.  Why?  Because i love the 250cc.  I know weird eh?  It is fast enough for me.  I mean, why would i want to go faster then 160 Km/h ?  I ride behind my cousin on his Honda AX-1, and he goes 120, and it feels like a rocket.  It is pure bliss.  The engine is also nice sounding :P

The Kawasaki Ninja 250r may not be as fast as its younger brothers, but it is the perfect bike in my opinion.  Looks like a Sporty beast, has a decent speed, and it handles like a charm.  Perfect for beginners and Professionals alike, i was drawn to this bike.

and it is thin enough to weave through traffic jams on Hamra street :P

haha enough of my rant.

**End Transmission**

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