Sunday, December 6, 2009

Love is an illusion

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

When i say that, i mean, there is no such thing as "True" love.  Humans have a limit to the amount of compassion they can give.

Of course, i am not denying the existence of love. It exists, most definitely, but it erodes over time.  Just like a rock.  A rock is strong, unmoving, and essentially everlasting.  However, the forces of nature eat at the rock and warps its shape.

That rock is love.  You may love someone, but, after a while, you will not love that person AS MUCH.

This varies among people.  Some will not feel this decline in love until maybe, 30 years of love.  Even then, it is a minuscule amount.  This is what people call "true love".

The concept of love baffles me.  Humans believe in love, but they also believe in hatred.  What an irony that is.  Two opposing forces, that do not get along, but put together in the same jar.  How interesting.

The love of parents is also very different then the love of friends.  You love your parents and they love you.  No matter how much you say you hate them, it is not true.  But the love of others will vary.  It all depends on the mood and situation.

So "Love" Is a questionable term and i believe the concept of "TRUE' love is over rated at best.

Love itself is an illusion.

Tell me, Who has ever had TRUE love?  Love so great that all is forgotten.  If this was true, how on earth have humans accomplished anything.

So, i truly believe humans have the capacity for love, but have never TRULY loved.  Humans are just not capable of doing that.

PS:  You can disagree with me :D Duhh!  Post your thoughts =)

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