Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It really Pisses me off!

**Incoming Transmission from the depths of Bouli's mind**

I don't CARE if you hate Lebanon.  I don't CARE how horrible or miserable your life is in Lebanon!

You don't like it? LEAVE! Get OUT!  This goes for all those FAKE ASS SO CALLED PEOPLE who call themselves LEBANESE.

You are a JOKE!  The title of Lebanese belongs to those who love the country of Lebanon!

What? Did you expect Lebanon to be the perfect country?  No one said Lebanon was perfect, NO country is perfect.

I LOVE Lebanese with a passion!  But that does not mean i love the people in it!  I love the country, not the people.  Why? Because 3/4 of the Lebanese population are Politically crazed and just plain ignorant.  How on Earth will Lebanon ever get better if morons like these keep tearing the nation into pieces!   The funny part is that these MORONS are the ones COMPLAINING about Lebanon!

What a joke!  It's like you throw garbage on the road and then say, OMG Lebanon is so dirty!  Well guess whos bloody fault THAT is.

You hate Lebanon? FINE hate it!  But don't BITCH to ME about it!  I do not CARE how flawed the country is, i will always love it.  Cuz i was fortunate enough to be born Lebanese.

If all you fake posers who call yourself Lebanese can't appreciate the beautiful country around you, the please, just leave!  Do Lebanon a favor and GET OUT!

Some of us actually want the best for Lebanon!  I want a Politic-free Lebanon!  A Lebanon where we are all LEBANESE and not a faction or militia!  What happened?!  I've seen people tearing down the Lebanese FLAG and replacing it with a political one!  WHAT THE HELL?!  HAVE YOU IDIOTS FORGOTTEN WHERE YOU ARE STANDING?  THIS IS LEBANON!  NOT HEZBOLAND, AMALAND, or AOUNILAND!

We have to work together! not AGAINST each other!

I will always be proud to be Lebanese! FOR EVER!

I was born in Lebanon,

and i sure as hell will die in Lebanon, cuz this land is MY land and i adore every cm of it.


Kolana lil WATAN!

**End Transmission**

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